One: Boarding the Cat

“Bye Muffin, we love you!” they called over their shoulders as they were already walking toward the car. Of the packing, last touches cleaning, and the oil change, dropping off the cat for boarding was the hardest part. They were on the road by 3pm, in Atlanta by 12am and asleep in a hotel bed shortly thereafter, hours of good conversation now pleasant memories.

Two: Cow Horse

The 6 year old strutted her stuff for the rest of the day after the last game of the season, the 3 year old announced her plan for the future: to be a cow horse. Sandwiches together from a favorite eatery and a lazy day on the porch rounded out the afternoon. They drove away with joyous smiles from family time, the 3 year old’s words ringing in their ears “bye guys! Have fun on your camping trip!”

Three: Setting Up Camp- The Leg and the Water Spigot

The tent was up, rain fly secured beautifully with help from a friend. While guests sat around the campfire relaxing, she busied about prepping the burgers and ramming her leg into the water spigot. A deep gash is still healing and will leave a scar. She’d relive the whole evening in a heartbeat.

Four: Church on the Lawn

Sitting in the back was a good idea. She barely held it together, if at all, when gifted the opportunity to sing with a congregation for the first time in 14 months.

Five: Lunch

Lunch at a favorite Mediterranean place with their former pastor and his wife. Good conversation, like picking up where you left off, with a good friend.

Six: Scaling the Mount

The hike up the mountain was more strenuous than remembered.

Seven: Fajita Night

Brother in law made authentic fajitas. No meal on any back porch had ever tasted better. They laughed into the night then headed back to the campsite; stuffed with food and filled with family time joy.

Eight: The Downpour

The rain fly was the real MVP of the weekend. Falling asleep to the rain was nice. Waking up to a thunderstorm right on top of them? Less nice but they survived. They woke to an empty campground and a robust bundle of firewood from campers on their way out.

Nine: Breakfast and Goodbyes

They enjoyed biscuits, eggs, avocado slices and cantaloupe before joining the family on a trip to pick up the 3 year old from preschool. Then, then it was time to go.

Ten: Brazilian Food on the Road to TN

They stopped at a Brazilian breakfast/lunch counter and bakery to share a coxinha (“co-she-nyah:” teardrop shaped balls of dough filled with chicken, green olives, and cream cheese; breaded and deep fried; pictured below)and a bridgadeiro (Brazilian chocolate confection)

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