Hola! Welcome to SaraInRealife on Cinco de Mayo! Here is a brief post on ways to celebrate this day, without culturally appropriating a day that is meant to highlight Mexican American culture and resiliency.

1. Know your history. On May 5, 1863 the Mexican army defeated the French at the Battle of Puebla. It was largely celebrated in Mexican history as a symbol of resilience of the Mexican people. Cinco de Mayo was brought to the US in the 1960s by Chicano activists who wanted to bring awareness to Mexican American culture during the Civil Rights movement.

2. Have some Mexican food! Patronize a local Mexican restaurant, like a hole-in-the-wall food counter or food truck. Also check out Mexican bakeries or peleterías (popsicle stores that usually have ice cream too). Tip well.

3. Learn about influential Mexican Americans. Here are cinco to get you started:

César Chavez- a civil rights activist

Ellen Ochoa – the first Hispanic woman to go to space

Julián Castro – U.S Secretary of Housing and Urban Development for the Obama Administration, and a 2020 candidate for President

Trini Lopez – a singer, who covered such songs as If I Had A Hammer and Lemon Tree

Dolores Huerta – a labor rights activist and contemporary of fellow activist, César Chavez

4. Educate yourself on micro and macro aggressions perpetrated against Mexican Americans and consider: how you might have played a part and what you will do to help dismantle systemic racism in your orbit.

5. Educate your friends about Cinco de Mayo, and what it really means.

Quesabirrias with Consommé (cheesy tortillas with stewed beef filling served w cilantro, radish, onions and sauces)

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