I was recently and wisely advised to just take every day as it comes. Andrew has submitted all his PhD applications so all we can do is live our lives every day. Stressing about it will not harken the day of knowing something one way or the other. What can we do today to nourish ourselves, our relationship and our personal goals?

Having read my syllabi for my Long Term Care Admin classes, I know the workload is going to be nigh oppressive – so what can I do today to succeed in my classes?

For class, I read the necessary chapters in Physical Change and Aging and am preparing to work through Nursing Home Administration in a few minutes after I finish my matcha and put the chili in the instant pot to cook. Our yoga mats are arriving from Amazon Prime Now in a few moments so we will use our Roku TV fitness Chanel or YouTube to find a yoga video to do later tonight.

As for me and AJ, I realized that I had let stress pile up on me and had not been as patient and kind at home as I am at work, so I surprised Andrew with a fancy charcuterie board dinner last night, and breakfast at our favorite local bakery this morning followed by a bookstore crawl.

We drove, we did not crawl, to 3 bookstores today to peruse and be calmed by the books on the shelves. First, was Little Shop of Stories, where we had our engagement photo shoot. Then, Eagle Eye Bookshop where we frequently go for date night, followed by Atlanta Vintage Books.

Atlanta Vintage Books has cats that roam (or sleep all day in) the bookstore! We each found something of interest to us; I know have a copy of How to Travel With a Salmon (a book of essays).

It was a great day of doing something we really love – going to bookstores.

We have a new bookcase to put up tonight, laundry to fold, and some tidying up to do around the apartment. But, in this season of ordinary time in the church year, I’m reminded that in all the ordinariness of our lives, reminders of the divine among us, are all around us. Sharing life with someone you love, rain falling to the waiting earth below, traveling mercies on the way from here to there: all reminders of the great love that tethers is to one another and to God.

Thanks be to God

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