And by the light of that same star, the Magi came from country far. To seek for a king was their intent, and to follow the star wheresoever it went.

Last Sunday, we celebrated Epiphany. The epiphany of the Lord is the revelation of God, made flesh in Jesus. In many churches, Epiphany Sunday is celebrated with “star words.” First Baptist Decatur gives out star words in their Epiphany Sunday service, and this year I thought to myself, “I would like to have a star word.”

Boy was I ever wrong.

The star words were handed out, not chosen. One word, written on a star, meant to guide you in the coming year toward epiphanies – revelations of God at work in your life in all ways, big and small. Like the star guiding the Magi to the Christ child, a star word is meant to challenge and surprise you in the year ahead; to help guide and shape your actions.

My star word is boldness. AJ got hope and refused to switch with me, even though sharing is caring. “I think this will be good for you,” he said. So say all the people in my orbit. Except for me.

Boldness is scary to me. It’s also a characteristic I’ve always wanted. I think maybe my whole life has been an exercise in opportunities to choose boldness. I took intro to preaching because I had to, but I took more preaching electives as an act of boldness.

The overhaul of my blog to include articles on intentional, everyday goings about life as acts of resistance, and reflections on race was a choice in favor of boldness.

I think that ever since my star word was given to me, I’m more conscious of things that I need to be bold about, and though it’s not my go-to M.O., as the Magi were committed so I commit as well, to follow the star of bodlness wheresoever it leads.

It’s a commitment to a journey, that in no way should lead the reader to believe that I love my star word. But, I promise to follow my star.

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