Yesterday I ended my day with the CPE residents who have held so much grief throughout the system. It was my honor to listen to, witness, and hold their grief as we colored, journaled, and talked.

I was grateful for the opportunity to offer a blessing of their hands as a closing ritual, and deeply touched by one of the residents’ offer to do the same for me.

During our journaling time at the beginning, I found myself writing wishes and hopes for the world. I wound up with something akin to a prayer, which will likely become a part of my spiritual practice.

Hopes for the World:

More love, less violence

More hope, less fear

More joy, less sadness

More awareness, less denial

More generosity, less greed

More flowers, less bombs

More ploughshares, less swords

More beauty, less apathy

More wonder, less skepticism

More imagination, less capitalism

More help, less judgment

More affirmation, less “you should have”

More music, less negativity

More life, less death

More hallelujahs

More creativity, less checkboxes

More fluidity, less straight lines

More tables, less walls

More meals, less hunger.

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