I finished this painting today.

It’s a mushroom fairy garden with fireflies.

This weekend, Andrew and I deep cleaned the living room and kitchen, as we work our way through the apartment – decluttering and tidying up. Reese is beside herself because everything is where it belongs, and she did not approve of this change in her environment. Cats, am I right?

We finished our first phase of super cleaning on Friday. Saturday morning I got up early, had coffee and decided to break out the art set. I pulled up a YouTube painting tutorial and painted for the first time in countless months.

It was glorious. To sit and just to be; a being who runs on coffee and needs to create, to claim that time guiltlessly, delighting in its pleasure and feeling the renewal bubble up as I painted.

We got outside, took a long walk through the Decatur neighborhood near our church building and then watched Star Wars while we had dinner, talked before bed and woke on Sunday morning to find new ways to encounter God and to hear the still, small voice inviting us into beauty amidst the barrenness of this time.

My gratitudes this evening are vast. Those most treasured this evening are talks with family, time with Andrew, and a vegetarian recipe book that’s getting lots of airtime these days. Reese, the cat, who is purring at my feet, canvas paper , acrylic paint and brushes. Rest. Coffee, cherry trees and honeysuckle.

Thanks be to God for beauty in the world around us.

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