Happy 2019!

When I repurposed sarainrealife as a multipurpose (3-purpose) blog focused on centering, advocacy and culinary adventures, the goal was to have a space where I could be fully myself – my best self for me and for the world around me.

In an effort to continue that personal growth and be a small catalyst for lasting change, I have decided to have a theme for this year, and implement practices that will support the theme.

My theme for 2019 is AMPLIFY.

I will be having more intentional Bible study and reflection time to amplify Christ in my life; and Christ’s voice in guiding me.

I will amplify the voices of minorities and marginalized people groups with the books I choose to read.

I will amplify local farmers and artisans in the purchases I make for my household.

I will amplify my apologies to the continual depletion of our earth’s resources by making water work smarter and not harder, being conscious of water and energy usage. I will continue to use natural lighting at home during the day, using only the lights that are essential for me not hurting myself in my daily living.

I’m looking forward to a year of personal growth, connectedness to myself, others and creation, and journaling reflections on the journey throughout the year.

Happy new year, friends!

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