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How do you practice gratitude? It’s one of those things that, for me, is easy to overlook in the daily hustle of life. Often, I neglect the practice of gratitude until I’m knee – deep in overwhelm and need something to pull me out.

That’s why I call it a practice – because that’s what it takes for gratitude to become a daily habit. So I’m trying to slow down and be grateful.

In the midst of trying to survive statistics with a documented math processing disorder, I’m grateful for academic accommodation and the ability to pursue online studies.

In the loops and crevaces and roundabouts of moral theory, I’m grateful for ethicists who consider the nuances of dementia in their advocacy.

In the unpacking of boxes and still unsettled clutter around the new apartment, I’m grateful for very large windows yielding an abundance of natural light, a spacious living area for hosting and cozy-ing, and a husband who will tidy up the clutter into sections for organizing and do the dishes after dinner so I can write my ethics paper.

In the whole of my human existence, I’m grateful for little pieces of delight which make a life: gifts of blessing upon a new marriage, feasts of the earth and complexities of flavor in different oils and spices as we eliminate meat, scented candles, kitty cats, Guinea pigs, and nieces, sisters, parents, friends…

What are your gratitudes today?

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