” In real life” is an expression I picked up in college, from my best friend. I use it instead of “no, really”, or “seriously”. For example, “I don’t think cats are better than dogs. In real life.” And so on.

I’m a progressive, Christian, coffee-loving associate pastor and I serve with the most delightful people you ever did see. I like poetry and short stories, and I jam out to Broadway show tunes in my car on my way to work sometimes. And, yes, by sometimes I mean every day. I like to pretend that the applause on live tracks in my Pandora Broadway Showstoppers station is all for me, for outstanding performances of beloved showtunes.

As an amateur musician and composer, my reach-for the-stars dream is to win an Academy Award for Best Original Score. Sometimes, I practice my acceptance speech. In a dress. In front of the mirror. Just kidding… kind of.

I’m thankful every day for my amazing family, friends, and my life-shaping experiences. I’m extremely grateful for what I have, and mindful of those who have not. I blog a lot about justice and advocacy, and about life and faith. The recipes I share are part of a practice of cooking for wholeness and wellness.

And that’s pretty much me, in real life.

* Photo credit: Benjamin Stewart Photography. Ben took this picture of my communion chalice and paten which we used at our wedding. He is great!

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