Seven years ago, I started sarainrealife as an experiment in living generously. I stopped eating out, cut my grocery fund in half and lived on rice and beans type basics for one year, giving away the other half of grocery money and the funds I would have spent on eating out, to different charities each month.

The experience of writing weekly changed me, and I began to find meaning and depth to life in reflecting upon life and engaging with different perspectives. In that time, sarainrealife has morphed from chronicling adventures in generosity, into musings about life in ordinary and sacred spaces, ministry, learning, and the like.

In those seven years, I  have gained 68 followers, published 353 posts, and the blog has been visited 17,677 times by 9,541 visitors. I have engaged in conversations through comments, and comments (my own and from my visitors) total 223.

When I started sarainrealife, I had no idea it would grow to become a significant part of my life, nor that it would spawn some other exciting projects (like 2 secondary blogs… details forthcoming), and the beginnings of a book proposal.

My 7 years blogging at wordpress have been life changing, life giving and a wonderful time of personal growth and reflection. Growth, reflection and self-awareness, however, must be cultivated with tender love and care, rest and intention (read: focus); sabbath, if you will.

The words sabbath and sabbatical find their grounding in the Hebrew word “shabat:” to cease or rest, and are associated with the number 7.

Rest. I have yet to find the secret to restorative rest, although Speculoos Cookie Butter invokes rest- equivalent feelings in my soul: happiness, contentment.  I can’t buy that stuff anymore.

Rest, however, is what I need these days. We are 6 months away from the wedding, and my Master of Science in Aging and Dementia (Research track) is kicking it up for sure. I love the content of my classes and the knowledge I’m gaining, and I get more excited about the wedding and marriage every single day; but there are details. DETAILS, and speaking engagements and exciting new projects on the blogosphere that I’ve been dancing with lately. All very good things.

Where are you doing with this rambling rant, Sara? Well, I’ll tell you. I’m going kind of away from sarainrealife for a bit. I am taking a sabbatical of sorts, until after the wedding, from posting here or on The time will be spent in prayer and renewal, writing just to write without needing to blog, working on my book and on my other project.

From time to time, I will hop on sarainrealife to categorize and tag probably a years’ worth of posts that I got out of the habit of tagging, and to moderate comments. But most of all, I’ll be spending time preparing for the next wave of posts and visitors and comments; and also making paper flowers and wine bottle centerpieces for our wedding.

And in August, I’ll be back, ready for another 7 years with WordPress and with you, my faithful followers.


Sara, In Real Life


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