Bests and Worsts of 2017

I haven’t really been able to find better language than “best and worst” to reflect over my year, but this has been a tradition on the blog for about 4 years now. So, in keeping with my yearly tradition of remembering with thanks, here is a capsule- like glimpse of my 2017.

The things I will miss the least:

1) My grandmother died. Walsie was my step grandmother and she and I enjoyed a very close relationship. I would have loved for her to meet Andrew and attend our wedding.

2) I didn’t get to do my writing retreat like I had planned to do with my vacation this year, because my grandmother died and that week was spent watching movies and resting instead.

3) My skills in time management faltered this year, and I didn’t make any progress on my book. I’ve been working on it for two years.

And the best parts of 2017:

1) I passed both of my classes for the fall semester, my first semester of online learning at Texas State University and I also learned a lot of things – not the least of which is the fact that I’d be a really good memory care facility administrator, which coupled with spiritual care for people living dementia, is kind of the dream.

2) All the weddings: I got to officiate my first wedding ever, and it was my best friend’s wedding at that. We met in 7th grade and have been thick as thieves ever since. I got to be a bridesmaid in my seminary bestie’s wedding, a most happy day and I got to go with Andrew to the wedding of his two best friends from seminary. It was a good year for weddings. In fact, my roommate for most of 2017 got married in Philly today!

3) I got engaged 🙂  On the happiest night of 2017, the love of my life asked me to marry him, after about a year of comic book movies, dates to get Italian food, and so many conversations, discussions and trips to see friends and family. I’m really looking forward to our wedding in August.

Goals for 2018:

Guilt free no: Saying yes to something means saying no to something else. This year, I will be saying yes to myself a lot more, am my goal is to accept that this is ok, and in fact, essential for self care.

Better self care: more work on piano song mashups which I used to do all the time, more hiking and more cooking of adventurous recipes.

Creative expression: Art, crafts for our wedding such as paper flowers and decorated vases for the reception. I also plan to spend more time intentionally working on my book.

More reading for fun: Self explanatory. Not textbooks, not work reading. Fiction/nonfiction that lets me get out of my normal and explore someone else’s for a few moments of unplugged rest, not connected to  what I do every day. Paperback or Audible. I read an entire book at my parents’ house over 2 days last week, and realized how much I really miss getting lost in a good book. So I want to do much more of that this year.

I hope the end of 2017 goes well for you all tonight. Thanks for following and reading, and engaging with me this year on sarainrealife! New Year’s blessings to you all!



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