Hello and Goodbye

Today was the hardest day adjusting to my new normal – a normal in which my sweet and funny furry little companion of four years, OliverElizabethRobb, is no longer with us. It hit hardest today because when he died last week, Thanksgiving preparations were in place and the inertia of turkey, dressing, cranberry sauce and family time kept me going, quite busy, and filled to the brim with holiday cheer.

Today, my parents drove back to Tennessee, the hand whisked meringue on my 2 days ago GLORIOUS chocolate pie is all crusty and gross and in the trash, and Oliver is not here. I’ve grown so accustomed to morning play time with my little buddy, and coming home after work to tell him about my day; I haven’t left the house without saying “bye Oliver, I love you!” in 4 years, and to do it now feels hollow and sad.

When he died, I was thankful that I had shown him a picture of my wedding dress, and that he was planning to be there, dressed in a tiny The Flash t-shirt.

I realized today, in the throes of routine, after the holiDAZE of tryptophan and sugar had lifted, that I can’t live without a pet. And so, though OllieBeth was returned to the earth in a simple yet meaningful ceremony in my sister’s back yard on Wednesday afternoon, this evening after work, I paid a final honor to my time with OllieBeth with a prayer of thanks/prayer for closure and opened my heart to a new little furry companion.

Adoniram Judson Elizabeth Robb found a new home with me today. He is sweet and shy, and cuddly and cute – and bonding with him this evening at my apartment in the glow of the Christmas tree was just what I needed.

Welcome, Addie! You are loved.


Bye Oliver, I love you!




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