Whirlwind Adventures

My desk is partially taken up by a huge notebook housing an inordinate amount of information on dementia, and care giving and dementia; and all this for just 2 classes toward my Master of Science in Aging and Dementia Studies. I am learning a lot, and really enjoying being a student again (in the technical sense of the word. I fancy myself an ongoing student of life, you know), with projects and papers and reading and quizzes (all of which I’ve aced except for one, thank you very much!). The dementia section of my bookcase on the side wall is getting fuller, and I am finding a real energy between my virtual classroom learning and my real time life in ministry. A busy and rewarding adventure.

I recently moved to a new apartment. I’m back to living solo (for the time being…) and though I miss my roomie who moved to PA to start a new adventure as well, I am already starting to feel at home in my new place. The kitchen is the best apartment kitchen I’ve had so far, and I’ve had 4 (3 apartments and one town home). There was room in there for me to put a 4 story plastic shelving unit, which I cleverly turned into a baker’s rack, of sorts. My beautiful antique piano fits comfortably on the back wall of the dining room, and I have an overhead fan (in apartment living, it really is the little things, folks)! I live minutes from the Dekalb Farmer’s Market, and my neighborhood is quite racially and ethnically diverse. I told my therapist today that I think I really need some kind of international community in my live to thrive. That need is being met in my new place, because I met some Nigerians the other day and my neighbor speaks Spanish. A local international adventure in coziness and creating home.

A few months ago, I got a car. I took the plunge to lease because with what I’d poured into RubyChupacabraElizabethRobb, the PT Cruiser could have been 3 car payments. FoxyMoxieElizabethRobb is doing fine; I’m loving the bluetooth audio connection because I can hands free my phone calls, and my iTunes playlist. Daily fun adventures getting from A to B.

Most life-changingly, I am engaged to the love of my life, and we will be getting married in late summer of next year. Andrew is wonderful, one of a kind, compassionate and generous. We have a good time laughing together, and talking about theology, life in faith, and collectively pestering OliverElizabeth from time to time. OliverElizabeth will not be our ring bearer, apparently; neither will his cage be placed on a pedestal near the bridesmaids during our ceremony. I did, however, secure a concession that Oliver may attend the reception. We are looking forward to this exciting, ongoing adventure.

Between work, and school, unpacking, and planning a wedding, I’ve hardly had a moment to breathe; but each of these stresses are the good kind of stress. Each of these individual adventures reminds me that there’s even more ahead in the collective adventure of my life. Each individual adventure calls me to remember, with thanksgiving to God, all the good blessings I have to enjoy and to share with those whom I love.

Thanks be to God!

How are you adventuring these days? sara and ollie


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