Dear President Trump

My morning pages today were spent penning this letter to Donald Trump. It’ll go to the mail at lunch.

Dear President Trump,

My name is Sara. I’m a 34 year old associate pastor of a small church in Georgia which ministers mostly to senior adults. We have a vibrant ministry of home worship with isolated elders; those whom society tends to cast aside and whom you seem to have not use for. Much of my ministry now includes pastoral conversations about their fears for health coverage and medical assistance. But that’s not the main reason I’m writing today.

Today, I write you as a reminder, just in case you may have forgotten, that racism only has one side: the wrong side, and you seem to be leaning toward that wrong side. I understand if you’re afraid. I do. You are  the leader of this country, and leaders get bashed all the time for what they say and what they don’t say.

You’ve had your share of that. But, while I understand fear and caution, I do not condone the way that you have handled the unacceptable evil that took place in Charlottesville, Virginia over the weekend; claiming wrong was done “on many sides.” There’s only one side responsible for the injuries and deaths that occurred, and I think that deep down inside, you know that.

Your defensive comments and deflective tweets are not cute, and each day that you continue to refuse to condemn white supremacy and refuse to make a stand for the right side, you add fuel to the fire of fear, hatred and superiority that is ripping through our nation like a tidal wave.

You have the power to stop this evil, President Trump. Have the courage and integrity to stand up for what’s right. Speak out against racist hate, white supremacy and the evil Nazi revivalist terror that continues to escalate to violence and murder. Three lives we lost this weekend, and many more were injured in an unimaginable, unacceptable act of terrorism. The world literally fought a war to end Nazi ideology. Have the courage to end what you started: the perpetration of hatred and violence on people of color, Jews, Muslims, the LGBTQ community, women, people with disabilities.

President Trump, this needs to end now. Take hold of this opportunity to be the bigger, better person. Stand up, open your mouth, and denounce the alt right and all it stands for. Lives literally depend on it.


Rev. Sara E. Robb


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