Thankful Things 

Friday got away from me because I stayed up way too late on Thursday planning how I would be spendin my vacation this coming week, so I missed posting on the weekly gratitude collective I contribute to most weeks:

But, I have some Gratitudes this week, so I’ll continue my practice of thanks today. 

I am thankful. For:

1. Baseball! 

I’m at the new stadium as we speak. It’s super legit, and smells like brownies. The Braves pulled off a walk off win tonight, and it was such a good and entertaining game. 

You know what I appreciate about baseball? Everything, but most recently I have become a fan of how baseball players don’t flop of they’re hit with a ball. Flopping, in soccer, is when a player throws themselves down on the ground and acts like getting grazed by another player is the literal end of the world. Cristiano Ronaldo is excellent at this. 

I had a delightful time at the new stadium making new memories with Andrew and his dad.

2. So much affirmation 

Friends and professors made me feel so loved and affirmed in my calling after an interview with Baptist Women in Ministry. 

3. Fabuloso and Pine Sol

Clean makes me smile 🙂 

4. Aquarium Pass 

As soon as I pick it up from my sissy, I’ll be hanging with the belugas whenever I can. 

5. Fresh peaches, butter beans and country ham from the farmers market.

I have been enjoying country ham and egg breakfasts recently, and used some of it to flavor the butter beans I’ll eat on this week. Thanks be to God for simple pleasures. 

6. Rest

That’s what I’ll be doing this week. 

7. Cornerstone Church

I get to visit tomorrow, and then again in August. Looking forward to seeing friends I haven’t seen in several years. 

What are you thankful for this week? 


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