Thanksgiving Friday: Seven Thankful Things vol. 14

It’s Saturday, I know. Yesterday I was busy doing so many things that I missed positing on the collective, regardless, here is my list of thankful things. 

This week, I am thankful for: 

1. A weekend trip to the King Center, new friends and life-changing pizza

On Saturday, AJ and I hopped on MARTA and headed for The King Center. We made two new friends, Lee and Billy, on the corner right before the entrance to the memorial site. 

Lee and Billy are homeless and Lee is a diabetic, who needed to quickly to raise his blood sugar. AJ and I stopped at a convenience store to get him some chicken and a hot dog and juice, and the four of us sat together while we enjoyed refreshments and conversation. 

They were still there when we left, so we had a prayer together and then said our goodbyes. Please keep Lee and Billy in your prayers. 

After touring the historical site, we were quite hungry. We found a pizza joint called Edgewood Pizza, and enjoyed a delectable thin crust Hawaiian pizza with herbs baked into the crust. 

2. A day off and a porch grill-out 

Memorial Day was a good day. With some ground chuck and some ground pork (and salt, pepper and W sauce), I fashioned some delicious burgers to grill on my new portable grill. I also did kielbasa, and okra and squash in little foil packs, seasoned with olive oil, salt, pepper and paprika. 

3. A piano! 

Friends from FBC Decatur are moving and needed to find a loving home for it. It was her grandfather’s piano, and it is coming today to live with me ❤️.

4. Drug Advocates

That sounds shadier than I meant it to. I’ve spent some time trying to find coverage for a specific class of drug my doc wanted me to try to help with glucose control. I tried 7 brands and their manufacturer coupons. Then I tried 4 online prescription savings codes. And then I tried GoodRx and BlinkHealth. Finally, I found The Rx Advocates. I now have JentaDueto at a hundreds of dollars lower price than the $400+ pharmacy tag. I’m thankful.

5. My voice, income, and the ability to advocate for myself

See above. Some people aren’t so lucky as I am, and I recgnize that. I have access to resources that some don’t, and the smarts and time to go searching for answers. For that, I’m thankful. 

6. My roommate and her happy news; and all the weddings (one a month) I get to attend from September to December

My wonderful roomie is going to be a Mrs! It’s so much fun. We have prayed about this for her for a long time. Yay! 

In September, I will officiate my first wedding, a very special wedding, in October I will stand beside a dear friend as she says “I Do,” in November I will celebrate that love is love is love with some new friends, and end the year rejoicing with my roomie on her happy day. 

7. Just Mercy, a book by Brian Stevenson 

Brian Stevenson is a lawyer who shares an honest, biting look at systemic racism in the American judicial system, wonderfully written in narrative prose.

I am enjoying very much reading up and learning about racial reconciliation, and this book was first on my “summer reading list” for personal study. 

It is haunting and beautiful, heartbreaking and hopeful. I highly recommend it. 


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