Thanksgiving Friday: Seven Thankful Things vol. 13

I’m very excited about thanks #1. This thankfulness collective I’m a part of with several other bloggers has helped me slow down this year, stop and smell the roses and give thanks for each one. My life is full of roses of thanks! I bet yours is too.

What are some of them? Share in the comments, if you like, and don’t forget to head to Leanna’s page for inspiration from her and others on the practice of gratitude.

This week I am thankful for:

1. My food and blood glucose log, and the drug glimepiride

Yes, that’s thanks number one. I printed my log out today (Thursday), for my Friday morning appointment, and I have noticed a definite downward trend since I started taking glimepiride AND eliminating grains, wheat, bread, and fruits besides berries, kiwis, and green apples (the worst of the apples, but I have learned that apple pie spice covers a multitude of sins. And apples). 

Logging every meal and checking my blood sugar two hours after eating religiously has been tedious, but it’s a most helpful tool in figuring out what I should and shouldn’t eat, and food’s impact on my body at different times of the day. A good way to be in tune with myself. 

2. Andrew’s sister, Rebekah

Bekah and I text throughout the day sometimes. She is quite the cheerleader for my new lifestyle change, and was super excited when I lost 5 lbs so far. 

She’s hilarious, and is also watching How I Met Your Mother, which is a perfect show for hilarious people. 

She is very deep and spiritually wise and I’m blessed by how she relies on her spiritual insights to guide her life. Happy Friday, Bekah!

3. Three roses on my desk

Speaking of stopping to smell the roses (where does that come from anyway? Why can’t we stop and smell the gardenias or the hyacinths? Perhaps the wisteria?), 

I have three of them on my desk at work, commemorating my 3 years with SBBC. They are so lovely to look at, inviting me to remember and look ahead with anticipation and thanks to God.

4.  Percy: A plush owl with big green eyes

One of my facebook hashtags is: #GingerIsTheBest. Ginger is our office admin assistant, without whom life is less smooth. Ginger also speaks my love language of gifts quite fluently.

 Every now and again, I am greeted in my office by a small gift from #GingerIsTheBest, and it’s usually an owl; though, let’s not overlook the time I was met with a nutcracker as big as a small child sitting in my office chair (I collect nutcrackers).

This week, on Monday, a plush owl was waiting for me on my desk. It has adorable, huge eyes, and cute little feet. I named him Percy McBirdwell (Elizabeth Robb).

5. Editor friends 

Several friends offered to help me edit some scholarship essays while I try to submit to as many essay scholarships as I can in an effort to help fund my continuing education: a Master of Science in Dementia and Aging Studies (MSDA) with a concentration in research. 

My dream is to one day be able to contribute to the study of dementia and the church’s responsibility to elders with dementing illnesses through a PhD in gerontology with a specialization in personhood, dementia and spirituality. 

Maybe my editor friends can help me write a grant. Either way, friends, I am so thankful for you! 

6. My mom getting to work on her book, and getting encouragement from conversations with publishers

My mom is working on a book! And I am too, but not as much as she is on hers, and I am very proud of her. Can’t wait to read it! Maybe it’ll wind up on Audible! Who knows?

7. This opening to a phone chat with my dad:

Dad: “Hello, this is Glenn!”

Me: “Hello, this is Sara!”

Dad: “Sara! What a treat that you called me, thank you so much! Happy Sunday, the most important day in a minister’s life; when ALL your people gather together for worship. How wonderful! What’s up?” 

Me: I said nothing for about 5 minutes I was laughing so hard at the mini epistle happening in there. Goober and a half, but I just love that guy. 

Happy Friday to you all. Give thanks and have a wonderful day!  




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