Thanksgiving Friday: Seven Thankful Things vol.10

Today I am thankful for…

1. My niece

I know she makes the list often, but I’m so thankful for my NieceyBear, I just don’t think I can stand it! She’s such a sweetheart. She is generous with her love and extends it to all. This week she invited me to ride the “trolley bus” with her at an event, where she was going to be “walking like a big kid.” 
2. Cookery 

I collect cookbooks. As we speak, I am enjoying a stroll through Barnes and Noble while I wait to meet a friend. The cookbook section called- screamed -to me to come and get lost in the pages of a cookbook. To journey to the heart of India, the villages of China, the barrios of Mexico. 

3. Citizenship

Today I witnessed one of my church members being sworn in as a citizen of the United States of America. What a happy day! 

4. Celebrations 

I assisted with my sister’s birthday  celebration last week, and will assist with a church wide celebration in a couple of weeks. My therapist asked me on Thursday what about it I found energizing. It took me a minute to name it, but after thinking about it, I realize that making food and baking cakes for parties nurtures a part of my personality that is rooted very deeply in hospitality. I grew up in Brazil where you always have a fresh baked corn cake and brewed coffee just in case someone drops by to visit. 

Baking and my alter-identity, The Pastry Pastor, arent just a hobby for me. It’s a happy, soul-nurturing ritual, without which I cannot fully thrive. 

5. Weekend relaxing time 

This week, I planned literally nothing for Saturday. I may do some cleaning to get organized – which helps me feel grounded – but other than that, absolutely no plans. It feels wonderful!

6. Hymns

We sang some of the older hymns at June’s the other day. It was the afternoon, and I was getting a bit tired, but hearing her sing and say how much she loved the songs perked me right up. 

7. Little life victories 

One of my good friends called this a “huge body image victory.” I guess she is right. I went shopping for new pants the other day – the worst possible way to spend time in my humble opinion. At least it is for me, because I have wide and difficult to “pant” hips. So, I decided to try the full figured lady store. You know, the plus size store. Once I got past the “plus” stigma, I had quite the enjoyable time and got quite the 2 cute pairs of pants and a shirt. I belong to the Y and I eat well. My bone structure won’t let me go single-digit size… and after lots of years, that’s OK. 

What are your Seven Gratitudes this week? Don’t forget to comment. And for inspiration, read other gratitudes from my friend Leanna and others, here:


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