Thanksgiving Friday: Seven Thankful Things vol. 9

My friend Leanna started a blog linkup for the year 2017, in which several bloggers including myself are participating in sharing weekly gratitudes. 

Gratitude and cultivation a spirit of gratitude for things big and small can be a form of peaceful resistance of which I’m glad to be a part. 

We link our posts to Leanna’s host post every week. You can read our Seven Gratitudes here:

This week I am thankful for:

1. Chef’s Table

Chef’s table is a documentary that follows top chefs form around the world behind the scenes in their kitchens. It’s a masterpiece in narrative and cinematography, and a fanciful escape into imagining that you could step to your kitchen and whip up one of those breathtaking creations, too. 

I always wanted to be a chef – a pastry chef to be exact. It’s a hobby of mine, and I enjoy watching the greats own it as their life’s craft.

Who knew you could be hypnotically mesmerized by the image of a newly opened wheel of parmiggiano? 

2. Pinterest and avid pinners 

Pinterest is helping me get ideas for cleaner eating and low carbing. Some of the recipes I’ll try this week are: baked zucchinis stuffed with a blend of butternut squash, red onion,  apple, and sweet Italian sausage; and sweet potatoes stuffed with taco seasoned chicken. 

3. My sister 

My sister had a birthday this week! I’m very thankful she was born. 

4. Metro Atlanta YMCA 

I joined the Y this week, and have been enjoying all the different classes and being able to use any Y in Metro Atlanta, depending on where I am. Spin, Zumba, barre and yoga. All things that used to be priorities in my life are back front and center – ish. I’m thankful. 

5. Trevor Noah 

Trevor Noah is a black comedian from South Africa and author of the book Born a Crime. His stand-up routines combine hilariously funny bits with biting sarcasm and commentary on racism in America.

6. OliverElizabeth 

He makes me happy, with his cuteness and his sass. Last week I discovered that it’s ok for Guinea pigs to eat zucchini. He loves it. Last night I gave him a treat of dandilion greens and he was in hog heaven. He’s such a little bitty thing, but he brings me lots and lots of joy. 

7. Resurrection

For Christ’s triumph over death and the promise of hope. 

Thanks be to God for all good things. 


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