Thanksgiving Friday: Seven Thankful Things vol. 6

Happy Friday! On Fridays, I share seven things I am thankful for, my weekly contribution to a network of blog posts by members of a gratitude blogging community I belong to. 

You can read our pieces here:

This week, I am thankful for: 

1. Atlantic salmon, Lima beans and smoked bacon. 

I love to cook so much. This week I made ginger and maple syrup glazed Atlantic salmon and the most successful pot of Lima beans I’ve ever made, flavored with smoked bacon. I shared this delicious meal with my love, and it was quite nice. 

2. Early spring 

Springtime and sunshine and flowers and showers make me feel peaceful, and completely at rest. Spring reminds me of the weather in Baja, California, Mexico where my heart and soul are most alive. 

3. My teacups

Leisurely teatime was part of my life when I lived alone, and since moving, life has not slowed down enough for me to find a space for my special teacups. 

Until this past week. I finally put my end table on the kitchen counter and put my mismatched antique China on the lowest level, my basic generic coffee mugs on the middle level, and my special teacups on the top. 

My Care Bears cup that I’ve had since I was little, the set of floral teacups that one of my families I worked for gave me as a gift. My special ordination cup from Vicky,  owl mugs from my mom, Brandy and Julia. Each one special, each one an experience. 

4. Andrew

I know. I’m thankful for him a lot on the blog, but in real life I’m thankful for him every day. Andrew has several books I’ve wanted to own and now I can just borrow them whenever I want! It’s great to date a reader. 

To be so introverted, though, he’s incredibly attentive. 

I was taken on 2 surprise dates this week; one just because and one as a kind gesture after work one day. 

This one’s a keeper. 

5. Morning Pages

Julia Cameron wrote a book called The Artist’s Way, one of the textbooks for my Writing as a Spiritual Discipline class in seminary.

 She suggests that the creative process is more free when you are unblocked. Morning Pages is a practice of writing – 15 minutes of free, unedited journaling. 

I’ve re-started the practice of morning pages this week, and have found my days being more productive and my writing loser and easier, more reflective and not as blocked. 

6. Netflix 

Netflix bingeing at its finest this week has included Gilrmore Girls, one of my favorite shows. It helps me get work done around the apartment when I have background noise, and one of the title characters reminds me a little bit of me. 

7. Audible 

Subscribing to Audible has bee one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. I listen to Audiobooks in the car, and I read regular print books at home; so I can always get lost in a story or be immersed in useful information. 

What are you thankful for this week? 



  1. allynsalley

    1. Sara’s blog. 🙂
    2. My husband.
    3. My son.
    4. My church.
    5. Indoor plumbing.
    6. A roof over my head.
    7. A computer I can use to earn money and connect with people!

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