Thanksgiving Friday:Seven Thankful Things, vol. 5

Every Friday, I think of at least seven things I am thankful for to share with you, my readers, and The Seven Gratitudes Linkup Community. You can see seven gratitudes from other bloggers here:
Today, I am thankful for:

1. Silk

Lovely silk scarves and old, long-beloved hymns played a special part in Church at Home with June this week. 

2. Vanilla beans, unprocessed cocoa, artisan butter

I love to bake with only the best. These little splurges nurture my soul and provide quality treats to offer others soul-soothing balm of buttercream and fudge. 

3. Daylight savings 

More hours of daylight is always a win with me. 

4. My growing niece 

She’s sharp, clever, and hilarious; and maybe a little too eager to grow up.Last night, she insisted to me that “I not a children.” Don’t grow up too fast, SugarBear! 

5. The Atlanta Master Chorale, resonating chords, and a surprise gift

I was given a gift this week: an Atlanta Master Chorale CD. I love it! I have listened to Unclouded Day at least 45 times this week. The soaring sopranos sent chill bumps down my spine the first time I heard the song. I was driving on a beautiful sunny afternoon, and suddenly the chords culminated in a pinnacle of glory; resonating every which way. I smiled and took a deep breath.

6. The Land of 1000 Hills Coffee House

This is where I write. This has been my favorite coffee house for a long time: my study hangout during seminary, my sermon-writing paradise. And the place I go when I want to wind down and let my mind wander. 

7. A cool opportunity

I get to have my name listed on the program at an international conference, and I get to go to Chicago to co present Church at Home with my pastor to an international audience. It’s very exciting! 

What are you thankful for this week? 


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