Thanksgiving Friday: Seven Thankful Things vol. 4

Today I am thankful for:

1. Things 

I have many things that I don’t need. Some of them remind me of people who love me and wanted to give me a tangible reminder of their love. Some of them remind me of how miraculously God provides. I am thankful this Lenten season as I look through my things and declutter by paying them forward.

2. Sunny days and cloudless skies

One year at Lipscomb where I went to college, the winter was particularly brutal; we didn’t see the sun for 30 days or more. One day the sun came out, and it was like magic. No one went to class – we literally blew off as much of our day as we could, to sit in the sun and drink it in. 

3. My friend Kailin Curtice 

She is a writer and a mom and a wife and a friend; and a Native American citizen of this nation who gives her all to each of her roles. She is wonderful and is teaching me and her sphere of influence how to educate ourselves and how to resist peacefully. She is  writing to the president every Tuesday about issues he needs to be aware of, her kids’ progress in life and what it’s like to be a middle class Native American in these United States today.

4. Naps 

Yes. Just yes. 

5. Family

My family of origin is very close. We remain so, and frequently enjoy spending time with each other in person or on the phone. My family has grown to include surrogate parents and grandparents, surrogate siblings,and a wonderful SO with quite the fun bunch of parents and sister. 

6. Roomie time last week

We were both too tired to craft or write; our roomie nights are usually nights of creative expression to keep us working on projects that give us life. This week, we enjoyed Panera soup to go and ate it together in our living room while we filled each other in on our lives.

7. Cookie communion 

Last night we took my niece to dinner at  a local sandwich shop where kids get a free cookie with their kid’s meal. As soon as we parked she exclaimed “I eat a cookie!” 

We shared in adelicious meal together, the four of us ( sister, me,brother in law, and our SugarPlum).

After dinner we walked to the back of the restaurant where all the treats live. We got her a chocolate chip cookie. As she excitedly sat down to eat, her mother told her to wait a minute. In this family, we share. She gave one piece to daddy, one to mommy, and one to Tia. The cookie, broken into four pieces fell apart on our tongues and delighted our tummies. 

Sharing in life, breaking bread and cookies together,knowing it is love this makes us family, we sat together enjoying the sweet caramel-ness of the cookie base, stuffed with delectable little flecks of chocolate and in that moment of silent reflection, I gave many thanks to God. 

What are you thankful for this week? 

If you need some inspiration, go see what myftiend Leanna is thankful for this week.


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