Adventures in Church at Home: June 

If you’re familiar around sarainrealife, you likely know about my buddy, Ms. June. 

Today, we had church at home with her. We sang hymns, had prayer, and had communion together. 

Congregation (singing): “… still be my vision O ruler of all.”

June: “Lovely.” 

Congregation (singing): “Heavenly sunlight, heavenly sunlight, flooding my soul with glory divine; hallelujah I am rejoicing, singing his praises, Jesus is mine.” 

June: “Y’all just keep getting better and better. Come on, now! I love that song. It’s so pretty.”

Pat: “Yes it is.”

We share in prayer together, and then communion. When we conclude with Standing on the Promises, June pints to Anne and says “your turn. Sing us a solo.”

We laugh, and then June says, “maybe I’ll have a piano next time. You’d probably sound better with a piano don’t you think? Have you ever played the piano in church?”

Me: “No. But I’ve played the violin.” 

June: “Well, I’m gonna call them tomorrow and tell them you play the piano. What else have you been doing? Nothing?”

Me: “Nothing?! I’ve been working! And coming to see you, of course.”

June: “Why don’t you use your free time to bake a cake. I would like a homemade cake, please.” 

Me: “You bet! Do you like apple cake?”

June: “I don’t know. Does it have icing on it?” 

Me: “It can…”

June: “Well, don’t go out of your way…”

Me: “It’s a pleasure. Baking is how I de-stress. Because, you know, I can’t have that stuff around because I can’t eat all those sweet things.”

June makes a face like she feels deeply sad for me that I can’t have sweets. 

As we get to to leave, June says she’ll come see us at church when she gets a little more hair. 
I tell her what I always tell her: that she would look great in a headscarf. A silk scarf tied around her head, like a turban kind of, and some classy big sunglasses. She’ll look like Jackie. 

June: “A turban?! They’ll think I’m the wash lady!” 

Me: “Well, we’ll take you with or without hair or scarf. You could even show up just as you are today, on Sunday.”

June waves her hand in dismissal of my misguided ways. 

We say goodbye, she thanks us for coming, and asks us to come again soon. 

Which I will be doing because last time she needed a pie and didn’t get it, I heard all about it at deacon’s meeting.

June delights my life and gives me laughs during the week and encouragement to keep going.

Though she seems to really enjoy bantering witu me, she always tells me I’m doing a good job.

I’m very thankful for June.


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