Thanksgiving Friday: Seven Thankful Things 3 

This week I am thankful for:

1. Andrew, again

He took me to our favorite nice Italian restaurant on Monday after a fairly rough day, and spent most of the night at Emergency with me last night. Andrew puts up with a lot from me: the cards I was dealt health wise that I’m always having to deal with, my jokes (which are hilarious, I will have you know), how much I love my Guinea pig, and my new paleo diet plan. I’m thankful for him every day. 

2. Medicine, doctors, nurses

See above. My best friend is a nurse practitioner, as is Andrew’s mom. I love nurses! They make everything run smoothly and I grew to respect the mess out of them when I worked at the children’s hospital and really saw what they do and the things they put up with. 

3. My seminary bestie, Emily, and her happy times these days!

4. My pastor and my Ginger 

Greg came to see me in the ER and is a great mentor and supportive supervisor. My admin assistant, Ginger, and I had lunch together yesterday. A rare moment for connection with both. 

5. Antique shops 

I love looking around in antique shops, even if I’m not buying anything (not usually the case). I just love being around all that history; it’s like going to Grandmother’s house or Mamaw’s attic. Calming and therapeutic.

6. The time I became a Rev.

My ordination day was one of my favorite days of life ever. Friends and family were there, and so many people were happy that I’d been given this gift of affirmation.

7. Cookbooks and Pinterest 

Cooking is my greatest stress relief. I love making meals that I find on Pinterest, in my cookbooks  and magazines, and even conceptualize in my head. 

The inspiration for these Friday thanksgivings is a wonderful young woman named Leanna Coyle- Carr. Check out her Seven Gratitudes on her blog:

What are you thankful for this week? 


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