Two Years of Tia: Reflections on Another Wonderful Year of Aunthood

When I arrive at my niece’s house, I excitedly race up the stairs and knock on the door. Nine times out of ten, I can hear a delighted little squeal of anticipation ringing through the house and reverberating toward the door. 

As I am let in, a toothy grin spreads across her little face and my heart swells to overflowing. I love that little SweetieBear.  Last week, if you can even believe it, my niece turned 2. I can hardly believe it myself. 

This second year of Aunthood has brought me so much joy – watching her learn to walk, then run, and hearing all of her new sounds, then words, and then sentences. 

“‘Im’ma show Tia!” 

“I love you!”

And, probably to her mother’s chagrin, my favorite: “I need run!” Which she shouts while running through the house to get away from the big people at bedtime. 

I love her so much, and the pitter patter of her little feet as she runs toward me to fling herself into my arms for a goobye hug as I get ready to leave tells me that she loves me too. 

TavaBear, I thank God for you every day. You are my sunshine always. I love you! Happy birthday! I can’t wait to celebrate more special days with you, have adventures together, and continue to help each other grow in our love for Jesus, animals, and great jokes. 




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