33 Thankful Things

Today, on my 33rd Thaksgiving Day, 33 things I am thankful for, in no particular order. 

1. My parents, Glenn and Nancy

2. My sisters, Jojo and Ana

3. My brother, Dustin

4.My NieceyBear

5. OliverElizabeth, Mobey and Shubie, my Guinea pigs 

6. My roommate, Danielle

7. My best friend, Carrie

8. Dearest friends Julia and David and their awesome crew of beautiful girls 

9. My little buddy, Caroline

10. The Shipman family 

11. The Moran family

12. My church family at Scott Boulevard Bapstist Church

13. My pastor, Greg and his wife, Jan

14. My boyfriend, Andrew

15. My dear friend,Sarah

16. My seminary bestie, Emily

17. My grandparents – though gone, I carry their legacy with me

18. My niece and nephew pups, Maddi and Malachi

19. My parents’ pup and cat, Harley and Lucifer… I mean Ellie

20. My bible study group

21.McAfee School of Theology

22. My professors at McAfee

23. My peer group from my Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta Chaplain Residency, who have become dearest friends to me

24. Cooking and cook books

25. Medicine and doctors 

26. Journals 

27. Fancy writing pens

28. My friend, Azam

29. My job: the people I serve, get to serve with and the things I get to do in my work

30. Preaching 

31. Music

32. Access to a piano

33. Books 

Not at all comprehensive or inclusive of everything I’m so thankful for in my life, but feels like a good way to start the day. 

Happy Thaksgiving! 


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