Prayers and Bone Broth

In the last month, I’ve had a couple of health scares that warranted trips to emergency. 

The most recent being Tuesday evening when a combination of pain, inappropriately high blood sugar, mild vision changes, and fatigue suggested to the nurse practitioner at the CVS minute clinic that a rare (for type 2 diabetics) complication needed to be ruled out. 

We ruled it out, I have pain killers and an acid blocker; and am on liquids until I can tolerate them without pain and then will move back to “real” food – with the exclusion of grains, soy, simple carbs and starchy veggies. 

In the meantime, I’ve appreciated the support and prayers of friends, family and my church; and the nourishing deliciousness of the bog pot of bone broth I made today, recipe below! 

Bone Broth

– soup bones (however many you think you need). 

* I asked the meat counter at Kroger if they had beef bones and they said no. I hear Whole Foods does keep them, and I assume The Fresh Market does as well. So, I used 2 oxtails (beef tails).

– 1 bunch each: spinach, cilantro, parsley. 

– 1 red onion, quartered

– 5 stalks of celery (only 5 because when you have Guinea pigs, you have to share)

– 1 pound bag of carrots (all of it. The pigs are fine, they are getting celery)

– 1 pound bag of radishes 

– fresh aromatics of your choosing. I used 2 sprigs of rosemary, a handful of oregano and thyme , and 2 sprigs of dill. 

Put everything into a pot and cover with water. Salt and pepper to taste. I used pink Himalayan sea salt and a 4 peppercorn blend. 

Simmer the ever loving mess out of it, for 5-24 hours. The longer the simmer, the richer the broth. 

Notes: I didn’t brown the oxtails before cooking them. I’d recommend it. 

Enjoy, and rest in the warm comfort of broth and prayers. 

 Especially on a chilly evening with a good audiobook or move in the background (you know, if you’re off work and your roomie is not). 

A cozy welcome to fall, and not a bad way to heal!



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