A New Adventure in Comedy: Discovering My Inner Comic 

I used to call this a secret dream because only a few people knew about it. But, if you know me at all,  especially if it’s exciting or involves gift-giving, I can NOT keep a secret. 

So, it’s out now. For quite a long time, I’ve harbored a desire to become a stand-up comedienne; as a hobby (only because I really like my current career path). 

One of my first steps was buying: Hitting Your Funny Bone: Writing Stand-Up Comedy and Other Things That Make You Swear, by Geoffrey Neill.

In it, there are exercises to help you find your “funny bone,” or, hone your comedic voice. I found the following twelve questions designed to discover the ulnar nerve of your comedy (what you’re passionate about) which give insight into your worldview and will help to shape your comedy. 

1) What/who makes you uncomfortable? Clowns, roaches, eye contact, first dates, second dates, dates in general, awkward silence, babies. 

2) What/who is not necessary? coming to a complete stop before turning right, roller coasters.

3) What/who do you think is absolutely stupid? Traffic, people who turn down good deals on Shark Tank when only one shark is in. 

4) What/who is unbelievable to you? Katie Ledecky, tulip trees (Japanese Magnolias), Monster drinks.

5) What/who makes you angry? “All lives matter,” losing my keys, Biblical proof-texting, religious extremism, pettiness. 

6) What are some of your best stories? The time I baptized my dog. 

After my rollover accident, I asked the people who stopped to help me if they could just help me flip my (completely mangled) car back over so I could get to Atlanta for my Cinco de Mayo fiesta with my dad. 

I once went on a date with the son of a pretty prominent and veery invested Southern Baptist preaching professor. I am a Cooperative Baptist Fellowship associate pastor. 

I was holding my niece sometime in her first two months and I noticed her head “beating,” like she had a heartbeat in her head. I said to my sister, “don’t freak out, but her head is pulsating. Is that a thing?” Yes. It is. Apparently, pulsating baby heads is, indeed, a thing. 

7) What/who freaks you out? The circus, clowns, mimes, fairs, carnies, carnivals, carousels, tornadoes, thunder storms, airplane trips. 

8) When was the last time you were shocked? When I heard that someone I was kind of into thought I was pretty. Not a term I usually apply to myself- but it felt great! 

9) What/who irritates you? People talking too much, too loud, too softly; know-it-alls, closed-mindedness, arrogance, Dora the Explorer, Caillou. 

10) What/who confuses you? Maps,  abstract instructions and concepts, math, music theory. 

11) What/who is absolutely ridiculous in your eyes? People who follow too closely while driving. 

12) What/who has amazed you? My mom and dad, my sisters, Katie Ledecky, Simone Biles, Itzahk Perlman, Kevin Spacey, funnel cakes, deep frying, Johannes Gutenberg. 


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