The other day, while I was “playing MasterChef” in my kitchen – yes, this is a thing I do – I had a thought. A musing, really. 

I was musing on the fact that I love to cook fancy things, and I often fantasize about cooking with the finest of ingredients: a fine Stilton, a salty Grana Padano, creamy burata, delicate truffles, an amazing bluefin tuna… 

The list goes on. 
But, I would never just cook with any one of those ingredients just for myself. I love cooking because I love to share my gift of cooking and the finished product with others. 

It got me thinking about community, and how, though sometimes I feel sort of alone, I have a vibrant web of communities around me. 

From the church that raised me to be a Christian, located just off of Roberts Drive in Dunwoody, and the extensions of community I have gained there: lifelong friends, mentors, a chiropractor, a nutritionist, and a personal trainer; to the church that groomed me to be a pastor: Cornerstone Church in Snellville. 

At Cornerstone, I was prayed for as I explored my ministry calling, encouraged to pursue parish ministry, and supported in the call I felt to preach. 

My seminary gave me close friendships I still nurture to this day with fellow students and professors, and helped me grow to fight for justice and inclusivity; to love unconditionally and to be a better follower of Christ. 

The church I currently serve, the church that ordained me, continues to nurture my call to pulpit ministry as well as to ministry with elders. 

In my church community, I have found a family of friends and supporters; cheerleaders who care about me. 

My family and closest friends, missions groups I’ve spent summers in Mexico with as a translator, the churches of Christ on the Baja peninsula and the people who attend those churches: 

these are communities that have extended love and grace to me throughout my life. For this I lift deepest thanks to God! 


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