Living to Eat Watermelons: A visit with June

On Thursday, I got my weekly dose of “humble yourself,” with plenty of “you’re doing a fine job” on the side. In other words, I went to see Miss June. 

June: “Well. Surprise, surprise. I wasn’t expecting you. But then again I don’t have to expect you, you just show up!” 

Sara: “That’s me, full of surprises. Surprise!”

June: “You look mighty fancy all dressed up. What’s the occasion?”

Sara: “Coming to visit you!”

June rolls her eyes at me. 

Sara: “Between you and me, I didn’t do any laundry this week so I had to wear my fancy dress today.”

June (cheerful, fake disapproval in her voice): ” what would your mother say??”

Sara: “She doesn’t have to know.”

June: “Your secret is safe with me. I’m sorry my house is such a mess.”

It isn’t.

“I haven’t cleaned today. My neighbor brought over some watermelon and I’ve just been eating on it and living life.”

Sara: “Good! Do you put salt on your watermelon?”

June: “No. Do you?”

Sara: “Yes. My granddaddy ate it that way so I do too.”

June: “Pepper too?”

Sara: “No…”

June (laughing): I’m just kidding. I was reading through the newsletters again before I threw them away. Several articles from you in there.” 

Sara: (jokingly): “You threw away my articles?” 

June: “Yep! I looked to see who it was by, and if it was you, into the trash it went. I’m just kidding! I was just trying to get organized.”

Sara: “I understand. You know, my sister bought this dress for me. Isn’t that nice?”

June: “Yes. How’s that little baby? And why don’t you ever bring pictures?”

I whip out my phone and show her pictures of my niece. She is smitten, obviously. 

Our visit eventually comes to a close, and I pray with June before I go. 

June: “One day I’ll get back to church. When my hair grows back.”

Sara: “You could wear a wig…”

June: “It’s too hot!”

Sara: “True. Ooo, how about a headscarf? And some big round sunglasses? You have the bone structure to pull that off and look awesome! Very Jackie Kennedy. I bet you’re rolling in fashion sense. You don’t fool me! You can pull out the glam when you need to. You probably used to wear stuff like that all the time, right? I hear you used to wear heels to church every Sunday.”

June rolls her eyes at me again; the second time today. I’m sensing a pattern here… 

June: “Go on. I’ll see you next time.”

We have a great time, and she certainly stays feisty. It’s always hard to leave because I know she gets lonely. 

But, every week, there is always a place for me in the green chair in her living room where we visit, pray together and she rolls her eyes in witty, mock annoyance (I hope it’s mock anyway…). 


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