Adoption:Musings on my 33rd Adoptiverssary 

I never really understood the way some people use adoption to try to explain away a family member’s weird behaviors. 

Like when crazy cousin Lil says something inappropriate at an inopportune time, someone might jokingly say, “don’t mind her she’s adopted… Just kidding.”

Not only that, but then crazy cousin Lil gets offended by that comment, like someone has just put a pox on her for all time. 

When and how, and why did adoption become shameful; and “you’re adopted” become an insult? 

I think adoption is a multifaceted kind of wonderful; a gift that keeps on giving in amazing and surprising ways.

Thirty-three years ago today, this multifaceted gift was given to me. 

I was two months old, almost to the day, when my foster parents, Dean and Sonoma gathered with my new forever parents, Glenn and Nancy at the courthouse with our social worker, Margaret.

I went from being Gina, the foster baby to being Sara Elizabeth Robb. 

My parents and I lived in a tiny Texas house, and the church took good care to make sure we had what we needed. 

Through adoption, I got to grow up as a missionary kid and a preacher’s kid; and follow in both footsteps as I got older.

Through adoption, I learned about unconditional love amidst congenital learning disabilities and attachment insecurities. 

Through adoption, I got two parents who love and support me, two sisters who make my life, a brother -in-law who is awesome and a niece who is my entire world (sorry, Ollie Pollie). 

Through adoption, I grew up to love Jesus, to trust in God, and to use my gifts to help others; which are all things I get to do every day in my work. 

I live in a tiny apartment in Sandy Springs, largely furnished by a generous, loving church whose members are always making sure I have everything I need. 

They pray for me, they tell me they’re proud of me, they tell me not to work too hard. They love me. 

Through adoption, I have all these circles of friends and colleagues, and mentors and heroes.

 And sometimes I feel like a hero to other adoptees who feel less than because of some really misinformed attitudes about adoption.

I’m a proud adoptee and the very lucky recipient of a forever family all those years ago. Call me “adopted” any time; it’s the greatest thing I’ve got going for me. 



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