GA Gerontology Society Annual Conference 2016

The theme of this year’s conference is Riding the Wave of Opportunity: Advancing Person-Centered Care. 

Today was our first day, and an already busy day of networking and learning. I will be live tweeting the event using the hashtag 2016GGS, and my Twitter handle is sarainrealife. 

This evening after the conference, my mom and I went bird watching on Jelyll Island. It was serene and calming; and the smell of the salty water coming off the ocean on the breeze was lovely. 

Then we came back to Ms. Jane’s beach house on St. Simons, had black bean and tomato mini pizzas for dinner and watched Pride and Prejudice. 
Tonight, I’m reviewing the sessions I will attend over the next 2 days. 

Tuesday August 9:

8:30 AM: The Role of an Advocate 

9:45 AM: (because counseling and the older adult was cancelled): Integrated Dementia Care: Changing the Way Patients with Dementia Access Healthcare

11 AM: Nurturing the Spirit and Well-Being of Elders: Be a Beacon

2:30PM: Creating a Person-Centered Organization: Don’t Just Roll with the Tide

3:45PM: But Who Am I in All This Work? 

Wednesday, August 10:

8:30AM: Person-Centered Dementia Care: We Can’t Bury our Heads in the Sand

9:45AM: Prepare to Care: Taking Care of Y0u, Taking Care of Me

11AM: Viewing of the film “Being Mortal” and discussion 

I’m excited to learn and network, and after that, spend some beach time with my mom, writing time with myself, and just enjoy relaxing a bit. 

Thursday will be our lazy day. I’m looking forward to all of it. I even coined a term. Vacayfrence. Conference and vacation intertwined. It’s a thing. 

I realize CPE supervisors and counsellors alike  would say it doesn’t count as real vacation, but it’s a thing.

 Vacayfrence  is me trying to do better self care. An eternal quest, apparently.

But that’s a whole other blog post.  


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