A Prayer 

Merciful God,

Of comfort in tragedy, and love amidst hate, hear our prayer.

Sometimes when we suffer, it seems like time stands still and we wish it would hurry on. 

Burdened with anguish, our mouths release blood-curdling sobs and our eyes unleash a lacrimal deluge of collective sorrow as your people look on in helpless horror at a senseless act of violence, and the senseless words of hatred spewing here and there as a result thereof.

Weeping God,

Of the fatherless, the widow, the stranger, the unjustly and mercilessly oppressed, hear our prayer. 

Mercy, lord, mercy. We pray for mercy. In as many forms as we need to see it before we can finally embody it ourselves, shining outward from within so that no one feels unsafe in their own skin, or in the practice of their own holiness. 

Give us mercy to look beyond our differences to see, to recognize, to honor the divine spark in each of your beloved children.

Give us wisdom to know when to speak and when to listen with our  mouths closed tightly; so that the stories of the oppressed might be told freely, and the cycle of oppression reversed into a cycle of empowerment.

Give us humility to understand that interfaith dialogue is a dialogue, not a conversion crusade and give us the mercy of stumbling  blocks when we forget this delicate truth.

Give us hearts that retain the ability to bleed for unspeakable tragedies that have all but become commonplace in our crazy, messed up world. 

Grant us the mercy of God with us, and God with them. 

Caring God,

Hold each victim in your deep love.

Cradle each tear in your nurturing hands.

Wrap every family who mourns tonight in a comforting blanket of your abiding peace. 

In all of your many names,



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