Remember the Sabbath, and Go see The Fam

A couple of weekends ago, I left Atlanta on a warm-ish Thursday afternoon, bound for Murfreesboro for a very short trip to see my parents, sister and my little friend Caroline’s dance recital. 

More than that, though, it was a time to get away, relax and breathe; the miniest of vacations with a powerfully restful punch. 

I got in super late Thursday night after my almost -no-traffic drive. I stopped for dinner at Arby’s in Canton, and cleared both Manchester (where I had my accident) and Monteagle in the daytime. That was quite helpful. Nickajack lake smelled so gross of fish, but other than that the trip was a breeze and I rolled into my bestie’s driveway in time to enjoy a beer and some catch up conversation before crashing for the night. 

The next day, I drove to my parents’ house just down the way, and had breakfast and tea with them. I enjoyed soaking in the beauty of my mom’s garden. 

After breakfast and a nice chat, we loaded up in the car for an adventure through scenic roads toward Bell Buckle, TN. 

We found this epic tree at a church yard sale: 

The pastor of the church is a legit circuit preacher, and the church is about 200 years old. 

We also passed this nice waterfall in a local park:

When we got to Bell Buckle, we enjoyed shopping around in the local antique shops while we waited for our table at the Bell Buckle Cafe. 

Most importantly, we had lunch. Mine was an open faced pot roast sandwich with mac and cheese, vinegar slaw, and griddled cornbread. 

That night, I had dinner with my sister, Ana. I saw her apartment and we ate at Taqueria Del Sol, then we walked down the street to get paletas (Mexican Popsicles). She got lime mint and I got pistachio dipped in chocolate. 

The whole weekend flew by, but the time with my family and dear friends was just what I needed. 

As Miss Lillian at church says, thanks be to God for all good things! 



  1. Tina Seward

    I loved reading about your getaway. That tree in your picture looks like the big oak in front of North Atlanta.

    (But somehow, the word “beer” and the name “Sara Robb” just don’t seem to go together. 😉

    1. sarainrealife

      Hahaha, true true. Every once in a Blue Moon 😉 I like to enjoy a local craft creation.

      Yes, that tree reminded me of the big oak as well! I got 8 bracelets for 5 dollars at the yard sale!

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