Miss June Strikes Again

Church at Home with Miss June. If you’re a regular on the blog, you may know about her. 

Think of the tiniest, feistiest woman you know, and multiply that by 10. That’s June.  

She came to the door and saw Anne and me standing there. “You brought me some company, huh?”

She let us in and we visited together. I was mostly reserved to give June a chance to get to know Anne. 

June (to Anne): “So what you been doing lately? Following her (pointing to me) around?

Anne: (laughs) “I suppose so, yeah. 

June: “That’s a good church y’all have. I like it. And I like this little thing (pointing at me). Have y’all been out and about all day?”

Sara: “Nope. We reserved the only visit of the day just for you.”

June: “Well, I just don’t know what to say.” 

We visit a while longer, and then we share in communion. 

June: ” Give me plenty of that wine*, ok?” 

Sara: “Actually, this time I have wafers and a little chalice-type thing. I’m gonna dip and serve them to you at the same time.”

June: “Ok. But, if you wanna give me a bigger glass, it’s in the kitchen.”

Sara: “Ok”

I get the wafers and juice ready and then, as I allow a moment of silence for us to center our thoughts before communion, June says 

“are you going to give us some, or are we just participating by watching?”

Sara: “I was going to say a prayer first.”

June: “Ok.”

After our visit is done, June walks us to the car. 

My grandfather used to do that, talking all the way until I was out of his driveway and easing on down the road. 

June comes to my side, and thanks us for visiting. As she pushes down the lock button on my door, she says

“Keep that locked so you don’t fall out. I wanna keep you.”

It’s never easy leaving Miss June’s house. I wanna keep her, too. 

*Welch’s grape juice. 


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