Lenten Reflections: Injustice

Saturday’s Lenten reflection word was injustice.

Injustice: the state of being very,very wrong. In society, a shattering of loving ways of operating in which all are treated equally.

Injustice: a gross inequality; systematically fueled by hate for all things different.

Injustice: A fracture to the soul of humanity; a gaping wound in the heart of God that bleeds, and bleeds, and bleeds.

What does it mean to bleed for injustice? To weep for inequality?

What is it to seek justice?

Encouragement for the oppressed,
Defense for the fatherless,
Agency for the helpless:
widows, the aged, children, the mentally ill.

What is it to look systemic oppression in the face and say

“You’ve got it all wrong”

“Please stop”

God, grant us courage to walk in justice:
To right the wrongs of ignorance and hate,
To help the world around us to see a most excellent way of living
In justice,
Embodying grace and mercy: in love.


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