Lenten Reflections: Go


I wanna go. If I could just take off and go, I’d pack a bag right now and head for the place I most call home.

A few changes of clothes, a toothbrush and a hair clip,
A journal, a pen, a Bible and a camera,
My passport and a ticket –

To Baja by way of San Diego.

I would go to each church like a modern- day apostle. I might even change my name to Pauline for the occasion.

Encouraging the people:

receiving their hugs
eating their food
lifting their prayers

Since I can’t go, at least not right away, I’ll find a different way.

I’ll stay and go into the lives of my dear people I’m blessed to serve, here:

with phone calls,
with hand-written notes,
with church at home, and visits to the isolated.

Overseas, or over the county line, you’re a missionary just like me.

All of us are.

Ready? Set? GO!


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