Lenten Reflections: Voice

Thursday’s Lenten reflection word was voice. 

When I hear my voice through the pulpit mic on Sunday morning, I feel alive. I feel close to the holy; I feel grossly inadequate.

I feel empowered by God’s spirit and humbled by my limitations. 

I was created to use my voice.

When I was little, I used it to sing and tell stories:  made up songs and fanciful tales.

When I got older, I used it to give advice, to offee kind words; sweet affirmations to hurting friends. 

In college, I used it to advocate for the rights of endangered and abused children, the homeless, the hungry and the oppressed. 

In grad school, I learned to use my voice to preach. That first sermon, a mini-call to congregational ministry beyond myself was God’s gift to me; one I try to offer each time I preach as my gift to the world and back to God. 

My God writes my story and my voice sings it; a melodic and artistic interpretation of the story of God through my life and my voice:

proclaiming love, grace, forgiveness, hope, joy, peace and blessing. 

Thanks be to God.  


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