Lenten Reflections: Look

Friday’s Lenten reflection word was “look.”


See, I am doing a new thing. 


Notice my beauty all around you. 


See, I lay a stone in Zion…and he shall be called…

Look for the wonder in every day. Trees that outstretch branches hoping to receive a blessing. 

Look for God’s counsel in daily goings about life; in faces of others who need God’s kind words.

Look for peace in shredded places where flesh is torn, where blood runs red through the streets. 

Help them find peace in inner struggles and outward oppression. 

Look at God’s might to bring you through; them through; us through. 


Look for the little child; for things to be made whole. 


Do not be afraid: stand firm and be braced for deliverance. 

The Egyptians you see today, you will never see again. 


As the Lord fights for you; as you stand still in silent awe;

Look to the Lord for a blessing. 


Everywhere I look I see God around me: guiding me, shaping me, molding me, showing me,

teaching me how to look. 

This is where you come from, and this is where you’re going.

Yesterday’s past tells tomorrow’s present. Look for where your story intersects mine, and there is, and tell it thankfully, honestly, freely.

Look for freedom in sacred spaces. 

Look for grace in every day places. 

Look to me;I am with you.


My sheep know my voice; and the peace that surrounds them.

Notice the piece that surrounds you.

Green pastures.

Quiet waters.

Restoration of soul.


See, I am doing a new thing; I will change your name.

No longer wounded, lonely, afraid. 

You are: confident, joyfulness, she who seeks my face.



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