Reflecting on Journeys in Ministry

Tomorrow is the anniversary of my ordination council. 

” I could tell you were nervous when I asked you to introduce yourself to your council just to break the ice, and you talked for 15 minutes.”

My pastor and his wife and I took a moment to talk about my ordination council, and those were his opening comments. 

Well, of course I was nervous! At my seat were a glass of water and a box of tissues. Would I really need these? (Yes). But, I wasn’t expecting that. Nobody expects the Spanish inquisition, after all. 

We talked. And talked. I probably rambled tangentially and waxed poetic, alternatively, for most of it but somehow got through. 

The sweetest moments that day for me that will always stand out; that will always stay with me were these two:

– Bill, whom I chose to present mystole  at my ordination service (spoiler alert, I was affirmed after my council); tearfully sharing about my ministry with him and his wife, how much she instantly fell in love with me, and how fond he was of me also. “You’re a very special person. We knew that from the day Lola met you.”

And Pam, my mentor and my friend, sharing a poem with me and a packet of sunflower seeds- 2 things that were meant to represent my previous pastor, Gwen, who died a few years ago. 

After my council deliberated, they asked me back into the room. Yes, they would love to ordain me to the gospel ministry. 

It was a wonderfully happy blissful time as I drove home. My facebook post read “I was affirmed for ordination today.”

My good friend Ginny replied “uh, yeah, I affirmed you like 3 years ago.”

I have great friends, wonderful supporters, an amazing church, and a loving creator who called me to ministry and refused to let me run from it any longer. 

Thanks be to God! 


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