Eulogy Practice

Emory was, to me, the epitome of a southern gentleman. For this reason, although we grew to be quite close, I always felt the need to call him “Mr.Brooks.”

Several months after I’d started working with Scott Boulevard, I was visiting with Emory, and he said to me: “you know, Sayra (he used my Alabama name on me), I just believe you’re one of my favorite people.”

And I said, “you know, Mr. Brooks, I just believe you’re one of mine too!”

And he was. Kind and gentle, as down – to – earth a human as I’ve ever met.

Visiting Emory was like sitting on a porch swing on a crisp fall day, sipping apple spice tea. The warmth that he brought to each visit was comforting and his kind smile revealed a sweet and genuine person underneath.

Emory’s faith was an inspiration to me, and it was a great honor for me to know him and to serve him through our Church at Home ministry; when we would share communion together.

He always took the time to encourage me, to tell me that I’d really improved since I’d starting working, to say he was proud of me.

I loved Mr. Brooks and will miss our visits. I hope I get to sit next to him at the great communion feast to come.


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