A Year of Aunthood!

Hi Tava!

Guess what? One year ago today, we got you in our family to keep!

I was trying to focus on Frodo’s journey to Mordor, but I just couldn’t do it. For one thing, it was like 2 AM on Sunday, January 4th and for another thing, I was in a hospital waiting room counting down the minutes until I would get to meet you. 

After successfully keeping it a secret until your parents made the official announcement, after buying you all the things even though we’d never even met, the time was now.

You were perfect. And your mama was stunning. And Aunt Ana was a blubbering mess, per usual. We spent several hours together, and when I left the hospital, knowing that I’d only get 3 hours of sleep before having to go to work, it was ok. It’s never been so ok to get so little sleep.

Thank God we were having a combined service with First Baptist Decatur that day!

I did my best to stay awake, fueled by a giant coffee from QT and a strawberry pop-tart. I tried to pay attention to the sermon, and give my best back to God for a time of worship, but I was too busy thinking about holding you, and being with my family.

I booked it right out of there after church and over to the hospital. My dad and I tag-teamed an anointing ceremony for you that I’ll never forget. I carry a home-made anointing balm with me.

He said a prayer over you and your parents as I gently rubbed in a tiny drop of God’s blessings into your little forehead.

Then, typically, as it was time to leave because you were asleep in the basinet, I tripped over the foot of the bed and shook the basinet and made you cry. #auntfail.

Clearly, though, you forgave me because we are totes BFF now.

My year of being an aunt has been the greatest, and I can’t wait to keep watching you grow, to have tea parties with you, to teach you how to play the piano, and to help you love nature and animals and people, and Jesus.

Happy birthday, TavaRuth! May you know nothing but love and acceptance and great jokes!




Aunt Sara



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