Bests And  Worsts of 2015

This has become an annual tradition on the blog. Here we go.

2015’s most significant growing edges (less negative than “worsts”)

3) Antibiotic resistant kidney infection that led to receiving a shot of rocephin in my hip. So painful.

2) Anxiety flare that lasted about 3 or so months- leading to crippling panic atacks almost daily. A med change and counseling are addressing this well.

1) Nearly killing my guinea pig, Oliver, by accidentally locking him in the car on a pretty hot day; after his malnutrition scare when he had to get IV vitamins and be syringe fed. Im still so thankful he’s ok, and staying nice and fat.


3) The crazy affirmation I received from my Care Ministry manual that I wrote myself.

2) Getting to go back to Mexico after a 4 year absence.

1) A two-way tie. The day my niece was born, and my ordination day. Two different days, almost exactly a month apart; both deeply significant and meaningful and among the best days of my life.

It’s been a year, for sure, and I’m thankful.


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