A Funny Conversation on a Lovely Tuesday Morning

A phone conversation with one of our more “wild” folks.


*Phone rings *


June: Hello?

Sara: Hey June! It’s Sara from Scott Boulevard.

June: Sara. Sara, what are you doing calling me so early?

(I waited until 9:30)

Sara: Is it too early? I’m sorry!

June: Oh, I’m just messing with you. You can call me anytime. Midnight, even, if you want to.

Sara: Ok. Well, how are you doing? I was worried because I called the other day and I didn’t get an answer. But, you probably were out running errands.

June: Our out gossiping around the neighborhood.

Sara: That seems more likely

June: I’m doing fine. How are you? You’re fine, I can tell by your voice.

Sara: Yep, I’m good.

June: Whatcha been doin’?

Sara: Oh, you know, working and taking care of my guinea pig.

June: You’ve still got it?

Sara: Yes, I still have it! Him…

June: What does that thing do all day?

Sara: I guess he just sits at home and waits for me to come home?

June: And eats. I bet it loves to eat. What does it eat?

Sara: He eats dry food, hay, and he loves cucumbers, peppers and cilantro.

June: What an odd appetite!

Sara: Indeed. Well, did you read the newsletter?

June: If I did, I forgot what it said.

Sara: We have a new pastoral associate. She’ll be interning with us this year.

June: We need 2 of you?!

Sara: Yep.

June: Well, that’s great. Y’all don’t get into too much trouble.

Sara: No promises.

June: Thank you for calling. Call anytime.

Sara: Ok. Have a nice day.

June: You too. Bye

Sara: Bye.


She’s awesome. The last time I served her communion, as I was leaving, she said “thanks for coming, and thanks for the wine!”

I want it known that it was Welch’s grape juice. Clearly marked and everything. I had no idea she was such a feisty jokester, but she is. It’s fun. She calls me “Curly Top,” and tells people I bring for Church at Home with my GRAPE JUICE and communion wafers, to “watch out for that one. It’s not even 11 AM and she’s already drinking.”

Days are brightened by people who make you laugh, at any age.





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