Conferencing in Style

This week, I’m attending the Georgia Gerontology Society Annual conference. Today has already been such a full day of learning and networking.

At dinner tonight, I sat between a woman who works with the UGA Institute of Gerontology and a woman who works with the Division of Aging Services. Aging Services wants to start reaching out to faith based communities who minister to older adults. Good thing I was there to learn about that! We had a good conversation.

Tonight as I sit in my cozy little cottage for the next 2 nights, I’m looking through the conference lineup and have finally decided- after some hard decision making- which ones I’ll be attending this year.

Here we go:

Tuesday: Promoting Healthy Aging; Reaching the Working Caregiver; Keeping it Real! Practical Solutions for Compassion Fatigue; The Georgia Alzheimer’s Disease Registry: Past, Present and Future; Impacting Your Community: The Role of the Social Worker in Aging in Place.

Wednesday: Making the Faith Community Relevant in Meeting the Needs of the Aging Community; Keep Your Cup Full: Sacred Rituals for Caregivers.

This should be lots of fun!



  1. Greg Smith

    Sara – you are going to be very busy the next two days!! Glad you had a good day today. I can’t wait to get a full report. I’m intrigued by your conversation with the woman from Aging Services. Sounds like a partnership possibility.

    1. sarainrealife

      Thanks. I already have lots of notes to share and that’s just from the opening keynote, so I have high expectations for the next 2 days. Not to mention sleeping to the sound of crickets instead of zooming cars and loud neighbors did wonders for my soul too.

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