31 Things I am Thankful for On My Last Day of 31

Tomorrow is my birthday! So, today on this, the very last day of my 31st year, here are 31 things I am thankful for: 

1) my family 2) my guinea pig 3) my friends  5) my church family 6) my apartment 7) my car 8) my seminary 9) my mentors 

10) my pastor and his wife 11)my health 12) my physician 13) my childhood 14) my books 15) my clothes  16) my dishes 17) my Julia Child cookbook 18) my art supplies 19) my trainer 20) chocolate chip cookies

21) mission work 22) preaching 23) bible commentaries 24) my baby niece 25) The Megabus 26) fluency in Spanish 27) flowers 28) butterflies 29) Grace, Maggie and family, 30) Ellie, Patrick and family, 31) dinosaurs 

The list, of course goes on, but after my car not starting this morning I started thinking of things to be thankful for instead of things to be worried about. 


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