My First Restaurant Crawl

Last night, I was invited to join the group in a yearly mission trip tradition they participate in on their last night in Ensenada: a restaurant crawl that has been dubbed “The Tour de Ensenada.”

The participants: Me, Kathy (Baja missions intern), Misha (Baja Missions Field Director) and group members Brooke, David, Ben, LaVera. We were later joined by Caroline (former Baja missions staff), group leader Brad, and his wife Lori who were doing their own “leftovers crawl,” and Laurie Helms. 

The Restaurants: Burgers and Ribs, Hogaza Hogaza, Tadaima, Tacos del Sol, Hot Dogs and Fries, The Corn Guy (street vendor, not a restaurant), The Churro Stand, Thrifty Ice Cream. 

On the Menu: We started with 7 people at Burgers and Ribs where we all helped Kathy with a half rack of ribs and fries. Hogaza Hogaza is a French- style bakery where Misha ordered his favorite sandwich for us to share (roast beef and salami). 

Tadaima serves sushi. Between the 7 of us, we split a panko roll (crab, cream cheese and avocado inside, fried, and topped with crab salad) and a California roll. At Tacos del Sol, Neville joined us for steak nachos and Lavera and I split a fish taco. 

After Tacos del Sol, we hit up the hot dog stand for a bacon-wrapped hot dog and then the magic happened. 

The Corn Guy showed up! Caroline had been talking up the corn cups and in 15 years of Baja mission work I’d never had one! This was the night to correct such a grievous oversight. 

A corn cup is exactly what it sounds like. It’s literally a cup of corn, but it’s also so much more. 

The vendor takes a styrofoam cup and puts a spoonful of butter down in the bottom of the cup. Then he ladles in hot, hot kernel corn and tops it with sour cream, cotija ( Mexican Parmesan), lime and mayonnaise. 

I need not go on. 

We split 4 churros between us then we ended with ice cream. I did NOT share. 

My dinner recap: 1 rib and 2 fries, 3 pieces of sushi, 1 nacho chip w steak and cheese, 1/2 fish taco w cabbage and mayo, 1/2 hot dog, 1/2 dulce de leche churro, 1 small sugar cone of birthday cake ice cream. 

Then we went to bed for about 4 hours and left the Villa Marina Hotel at 2:20 AM for a 4/:30ish border crossing. 

Until next year, delicious Ensenada! 



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