Heartbreak Haze

These days I walk around in a fog. Some days I don’t feel anything, some days I feel super mad, and some days I feel very sad. 

I like the days of no feeling the best. 

They are way better than the days of crying in an empty church stairwell all alone.

In the meantime, I fill my hazy days with good friends and yummy dinners, journaling, and the thought that in just a few hours I’ll get to rub my baby niece’s head and give her a kiss. 

I Thank God for my friends, family, and my pet Guinea pig Oliver who would never just stop paying attention to me after building a close friendship, or whatever the heck that was, with me. 

In the meantime, my job keeps me busy and fulfilled, and Fox News’s pet of the day segment makes me happy. 

I wonder if Ollie could ever be pet of the day. He’d have to do some serious attitude adjustments first- bougie little thing that he is. 

Today I will lead a church at home with one of our oldest members, who indeed still lives at home! 

Today will be a good day. Maybe even a little less hazy. If not, that’s ok. 

Blue skies always find me, eventually. 



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