A Lenten Stroll Down Memory Lane

My good friend Emily and I are writing reflectively through the season of Lent. Monday’s word for reflection was covenant. My reflection time provided an unexpected stroll down memory lane, and then promoted an impromptu singalong party with myself, Grooveshark, Oliver, and a bowl of Lucky Charms.

One of the hallmarks of the Churches of Christ is a commitment to a capella singing. That’s right- Sunday mornings sans prelude, offertory and the stunning organ backing beautiful songs; where congregants lift their respective (S.A.T. or B.) voices in song, unaccompanied. It’s among the things I sometimes really miss from my old church.

When I was little, a musical group called ACappella formed, and boy did it revolutionize the way we (already weird enough) missionary kids did “pop” culture.

ACappella was a group of 5 grown men busting out sweet harmonies and dropping sick beats – with just their voices. Finally! A parents-approved boy band!

One song of theirs in particular was my favorite for a long time, especially in college; though rest assured I know every word to every last ACappella song EVER.

This one was called Covenant of Love:

Oh Lord, God of Israel, there’s no God like you in heav’n or earth below;
O Lord, God of Israel, there’s no Hod like you in heaven above.
You keep your covenant of love,
Your covenant of love,
I Lord there is no God like you
In heaven above


I loved listening to the harmonies resonate and reverberate, and I especially loved the countermelody behind the verse during the middle of the song and the ever spine- tingling “breakout:” you know, solo soprano is joined by alto then tenor on the next line then S.A.T. and B. bring it home together on the last line. Boom. Glory. Hallelujah.

I really do get that passionate about ACappella- especially the oldie goldies of my youth. Covenant of love wasn’t even their greatest hit but, during college and in tougher times of my life, I would reflect on what God’s covenant of love meant to me.

Safety and provision
Persecuted but not abandoned, struck down but not destroyed
Home, love, family
Strength and comfort
Peace and patience
Calling and affirmation
Gifts of music, friends, books and journals

I could go on and on but the bottom like for me is that God’s covenant of love to me is helping me look for and see the blessings in life, not dwell on the wilderness.

Like God did for Israel, when God wrote God’s covenant onto their hearts, it’s written on mine too; busting out sweet harmonies and dropping sick beats. Swelling with promise, love and purpose.

Boom. Glory. Hallelujah.


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