Ordination: The Service

My ordination service was everything I had hoped it would be. It’s the second worship service I’ve planned all by myself and it was a joy from beginning to end.


Welcome and Call to Worship                                                            Rev. Greg Smith

Lighting the Flame of God’s Presence

Centering Our Hearts in Silence

Hymn of Praise No. 477

                                                                                                We Are Called To Be God’s People


Passing of the Peace                                                                       Sara Robb

The peace of Christ be with you

And also with you

Scripture Reading                                                                           Dr. Karen Massey

1 Peter 4:8-11

                                                          This is the Word of the Lord

                                                               Thanks be to God

Hymn of Faith No. 71                                                                                     Be Thou My Vision

Pastoral Prayer                                                                               Rev. Smith

Prayer of Silence and Lord’s Prayer

Scripture Reading                                                                            Angie Stuckey

                                                              Ephesians 3:14-21

                                                      This is the Word of the Lord

                                                              Thanks be to God

Sermon                                                                                        Rev. Glenn Robb

Hymn of Response No. 278

                                                                                                                 We Are Travelers on a Journey

Prayer of Thanksgiving                                                                 Norma Rushing


Charge to Church and Candidate                                                  Rev. Smith

                          Invitation to Bless

                          Laying on of Hands

                          Litany of Affirmation and Ordination                  Dr. Pam Durso

Sharing the Table of the Lord                                                      Rev. Sara Robb

Our Missional Service (Announcements)                                    Rev. Robb

Hymn of Sending No. 482

                                     (refrain only)                                                                        Here I Am, Lord

Blessing of the Congregation                                                     Rev. Robb


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